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Aesthetic Recontouring of Gums and Teeth



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Today it isn’t only important to have beautiful white teeth so that our smile stands out. In our mouth, teeth and gums must be in perfect harmony to make our smile shine. With the aesthetic recontouring of gums and teeth, we are able to correct those lackluster asymmetries.

Aesthetic Recontouring of Teeth

At The Pearl we perform an aesthetic recontouring of the edges of the teeth, ensuring that these irregularities, either caused by wear or malposition, are solved.We polish, tone and eliminate the roughness of the enamel to offer a much brighter and rejuvenated smile.The recontouring of teeth is normally carried out in a single session and the treatment is completely painless, in addition, combined with dental whitening, the result is simply amazing.

Aesthetic Gum Recontouring

We already know that to show off a beautiful smile, the appearance of our gums is essential.At The Pearl we carry out this aesthetic dental treatment with excellent and immediate results. In a quick and easy way, through a small microsurgical intervention we can reduce irregular or excessive gums (gummy smile) or enlarge small gums (gum receding).If we want to achieve a well-defined smile, we must always see the same proportion of gingival tissue and upward curvature with the smile line itself.

We must remember that whether we show a lot of gum when smiling, the height of the teeth is not symmetrical, or the gums have receded, there is an easy solution thanks to aesthetic gum recontouring.Both excess and lack of gum can cause different health problems, so gum treatment isn’t just an aesthetic issue.




Causes of a gummy smile

Normally excess gum is usually come into existence  by the following factors:  

When the teeth are worn down over time due to a pathology known as Bruxism, more gum can be seen than tooth.There is an alteration of the gums during the natural growth of the teeth that causes the gums to not retract enough and therefore cover too much dental enamel. For greater growth of the upper jaw. 


Gingiva trimming for esthetic contouring

The cutting of the gum, also called gingivectomy, is the technique in charge of removing the excessive tissue that covers part of the tooth.

What causes gum retraction (recession )?

Gum recession  can expose the root of the tooth and is mainly caused by brushing our teeth incorrectly and very abrasively, or due to a periodontal disease such as pyorrhea.

Treatment to add gum

In the event that we need to add gum, we can resort to two different techniques depending on the situation: 

1. Gum stretching: technique consisting of stretching the gum itself until it is returned to its original position. This technique does not require grafts, but in order to be able to carry it out, it is necessary for the gum to meet certain conditions.

2. Gum micrograft: When it has not been possible to perform a gum stretch, we have recourse to  micrografting to cover the necessary gum gaps. It is a simple technique in which tissue is collected from the palate and with two or three stitches, depending on the case, the health of the patient’s gums is recovered, in addition to improving their dental aesthetics.

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