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All on 6 Implants

All on 6 Implants

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The "All-on-6" method, a recommended dental implant placement technique, provides full rehabilitation with the placement of six implants, especially for edentulous patients or those about to lose all their teeth. Additionally, we can apply the immediate loading technique, where palateless and temporary fixed prosthetics can be placed immediately after or within a few days of surgery. This technique is dependent on implants.

Patients won't have to experience the discomfort of using removable dentures because a temporary fixed prosthesis can be placed during the same surgery. At The Pearl, we prioritize our patients' treatment with the highest quality materials, relying on well-designed, high-quality brand implants specifically designed for this procedure.

Advantages of the All-On-6 Technique:

  1. Same-Day Perfect Teeth: The All-on-Six technique allows for palateless extractions on both the upper and lower jaws on the same day, eliminating infections, and providing the opportunity to place implants and prosthetics firmly.

  2. Perfect Teeth in One Day: This method also avoids complementary surgeries and speeds up the patient's recovery process.

  3. Full Rehabilitation: Even if all teeth are missing, this technique allows for complete rehabilitation of the upper and lower jaws.

  4. More Comfortable Treatment: Patient memory is not affected during sedation or anesthesia injections, and the postoperative period is managed perfectly.

We Are All-on-6 Technique Experts at The Pearl:

At The Pearl, our implantology specialists apply the All-on-6 technique, ensuring that patients quickly regain their aesthetic and chewing functions.

How Does Treatment with the All-on-6 Technique Work at The Pearl?


First Visit and Diagnosis:

Initially, we conduct an X-ray (panoramic radiography) and, depending on the specific case, a CT scan. This examination allows us to determine the amount of bone in the patient and enables us to meticulously plan the surgery we intend to perform. Following this, we send some working models to our prosthetic specialist to create the temporary prosthesis.

Surgery Day:

Once the diagnostic stage is completed, we perform the surgery at our facilities. After the surgery, the prosthetic specialist creates and adjusts the prosthesis to fit the positions of the implants.

Periodic Examinations:

Periodic examinations will be scheduled to monitor the progress of the treatment after the intervention. The initial review will take place a few days after the completion of the osseointegration process of the implants. After three months, the final prosthesis will be crafted. A revision protocol may be required after placement.

What Is the Cost of the All-On-6 Technique?

The Pearl, located in Antalya, is one of the few dental clinics that successfully performs this type of intervention, providing patients with the opportunity to have full teeth in just one week. Request your first free medical examination to be able to make a comprehensive and complimentary diagnosis. We will provide you with a personalized budget for the placement of dental implants. Additionally, we will offer suitable payment and financing options.

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