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The absence of tooth elements is not only an aesthetic issue but also has significant health implications. However, thanks to advancements in this field, getting an implant today is faster, more comfortable, and less embarrassing than most people think. Dental implantology is a rapidly advancing branch of science that provides aesthetic and functional solutions to fully or partially toothless patients, enhancing their quality of life.

At The Pearl Clinic in Antalya, we have been performing such treatments in Turkey for 12 years, specializing in immediate loading implantology. It is a technique where you can enjoy your fixed temporary teeth within a few hours, enhancing your aesthetics, health, and confidence from day one.

Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey are titanium devices that serve as artificial roots. They are implanted into the mandibular or maxillary bone to create a sturdy foundation for the placement of dental prosthetics. Implants are the best alternative for lost or damaged natural teeth, allowing for complete recovery and/or improvement of aesthetics and functionality. A dental implant consists of inert elements placed into the bone tissue or beneath the periosteum to replace missing teeth, aiming to be biologically compatible with the human body. Through a small and straightforward intervention, the root of a lost tooth is replaced with a titanium implant, a biologically compatible, inert material. More evidence is emerging every day demonstrating the applicability of the functional load of dental implants.


Dental Implant Brands in Turkey: Straumann

In Turkey, there are various dental implant brands available for dental implant treatments. One notable brand is:

1. Straumann 

1.1 Straumann® SLActive®
1.2 Straumann® BLX implant system

Straumann is a leading dental implant brand, similar to Nobel BioCare. This brand offers dental implants that adhere to international quality standards. Importantly, these implants are backed by clinical research. The company produces various dental implant solutions, each clinically approved.Check Price List

This is a Swiss brand known for high quality and precision. The implants are made from a property material called Roxolid, known for stability. All Straumann implants are made from high-strength material.

2. Nobel Biocare

2.1 Nobel Active TiUltra
2.2 Nobel Active Xeal

Nobel Biocare is arguably the most globally recognized dental implant brand. The implants of this brand are made from high-quality, commercial-grade titanium of grade 4. These implants undergo a cold processing during the design phase, ensuring the metal's durability and strength. Nobel Biocare has introduced a new technology called the GalvoSurge® Dental Implant Cleaning System, which completely removes biofilm from titanium implants infected with bacteria.

The GalvoSurge® Dental Implant Cleaning System effectively cleans hard-to-reach areas on the surface of titanium implants infected with bacteria. This dental implant cleaning system, invented and produced by the Swiss company GalvoSurge Dental AG, is exclusively distributed by Nobel Biocare. Recognizing its outstanding achievements in the Swiss medical technology industry, the Swiss Medtech Association nominated GalvoSurge Dental for the 2021 Swiss Medtech Award among three finalists out of fifty candidates.

3. Astra

Astra Implants offer various prosthetic solutions for personalized and aesthetic results. They are manufactured by the Swedish company AstraTech. The AstraTech implant system has four unique features, collectively referred to as the BioManagement Complex, OsseoSpeed, microthread, and conical seal design.

4. Osstem

Osstem implant holds the largest market share in the Asia-Pacific region and is among the top five largest dental implant companies globally. It offers relatively affordable prices, a straightforward surgical protocol, simultaneous implantation, durability, a high implant survival rate of 98.8%, and immediate prosthesis options.

5. Bego

BEGO is a medium-sized company with an exceptional reputation in the dental industry, operating globally. "Manufactured by BEGO" equipment and materials are synonymous with the highest quality products that combine proven BEGO systems and technical expertise, ensuring safety and reliability.

6. Mis

MIS has been developing and producing advanced products and innovative solutions to simplify implant dentistry for over 25 years. Through state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, MIS offers a wide range of high-quality dental implants, superstructures, tools and kits, regenerative solutions, and digital dentistry services.

Dental Implant Types

In our dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey, we prioritize your oral health and commit to providing personalized dental treatments of the highest quality. During the initial implantology consultation, we conduct comprehensive assessments along with an intraoral examination. This examination is as critical as the successful placement process of dental implants. The success of the entire procedure relies on accurate initial diagnosis.

1. Osseointegrated Dental Implants

Osseointegrated dental implants consist of small titanium screws we place in your alveolar bone, aiming to accurately complete the osseointegration process. This process is crucial for the success of implantology treatment. The biomaterial used in the implant should seamlessly integrate with natural bone, ensuring optimal support for dental prostheses or crowns.

2. Immediate Loading Implants

Immediate dental implants represent a revolution in implantology. At Infinity Dental, we guarantee fixed teeth within the first 24 hours if special conditions permit. We handle implants in a single day, meaning you receive the implant and dental prosthesis in one session with the implantologist. The advantages of this treatment include not only rapidly improving dental aesthetics but also achieving impressive recovery in oral functionality. Chewing function resumes at full speed.

3. Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic dental implants offer an avant-garde solution for individuals with extensive bone loss or toothlessness. These implants are anchored to the cheekbone, and their unique feature lies in the cheekbone's resistance to resorption. Zygomatic implants have different morphological characteristics, featuring longer titanium parts with an unusual shape, providing an opportunity to find anchoring points in the cheekbone.

4. Dental Micro-implants

Another type of dental implant is micro-implants, which are biocompatible screws with smaller dimensions compared to traditional screws. Their small size allows us to provide a solution for patients with lower bone quality. Our surgeons plan a high-quality implant procedure by selecting the most suitable implant type for each situation after the initial diagnosis

Here is our step-by-step dental implant treatment:

1. Specialized Diagnosis

Our prosthetic specialists and maxillofacial surgeons analyze the condition of your oral cavity during the initial consultation to complete a quality clinical history and plan an effective dental implant treatment.

2. Intraoral Imaging Tests

In our dental clinic, we finalize the diagnosis of your oral cavity and smile with numerous imaging tests. Photos, X-rays, and a powerful 3D intraoral scanner help us make accurate diagnoses and plan the subsequent approach to intervention.

3. Multidisciplinary Collaboration

The Pearl is a multidisciplinary clinic with experts experienced in every sector of dentistry. Our medical team gathers in a scientific committee to plan an excellent treatment guaranteeing full success. They analyze the case in detail and design a personalized and individualized approach together.

4. Computer-Aided Surgery

Our clinic is dedicated to safe, predictable, and innovative practices. We utilize computer-aided surgery for the placement of dental implants. Using the Simplant system and robust CAD/CAM software, we pre-plan the entire implant process. Such techniques allow us to place each implant precisely in its position with minimal invasiveness, painless intervention, and innovative 3D software.

Advantages of Computer-Aided Surgery:

1. Precision: We treat the intervention much more precisely after planning the entire approach in 3D.

2. Time: This technology allows us to reduce surgery time by up to 70% compared to traditional interventions.

3. Post-surgery: The postoperative period is much lighter with guided surgery. In most cases, we don't even need to suture the gums, thanks to minimal incisions required for implant placement.

4. Predictability: The Simplant system's significant advantage is its enhanced predictability. We always know exactly where to place the titanium screw uided.

Surgery for Dental Implants:

1. 3D Intraoral Scanner: We obtain the highest quality images of your oral structures using a powerful 3D scanner.

2. Software: All data from this imaging test is entered into the computer. Using robust CAD/CAM software, the doctor begins planning the approach to dental implant placement.

3. Surgical Template: This system allows us to design a 3D surgical template or splint. It is an excellent guide to increase the predictability of the entire procedure. We use this template on the day of the intervention to achieve the expected results in placing dental implants, avoiding large incisions in the gums and performing a minimally invasive, high-quality, and safe dental surgery.

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