You may have questions about the provision of dental treatment in Turkey at more affordable prices. You may have concerns about the quality of the treatment and whether you are satisfied with the treatment outcome. We think we will help you with this in this article. You can understand why dental treatments in Turkey, especially in Antalya, are offered at more affordable prices from the information below.

Why is Dental Treatment in Turkey so Cheap for Dental Treatment?

The reasons why dental clinic Turkey centres for dental treatment Turkey are cheap vary depending on many factors. Let us now examine these factors.

  • Exchange Rate Advantage

The main reason why dental clinic Turkey centres for dental treatment in Turkey are cheap is the exchange rate advantage. In this regard, the value of the Turkish lira is much lower compared to the US dollar, pound and euro. On average, 1 USD dollar corresponds to approximately 30 TL, 1 Euro to approximately 32,8 TL and one Pound Sterling to approximately 38 TL. These figures can also increase. Therefore, people from the USA, UK or Europe pay lower amounts for the same treatments in the context of dental clinic Turkey.

  • Turkish Government’s Promotion of Health Tourism

Another reason is related to the government’s encouragement and support of health tourism. The annual income from health tourism in Turkey is over 1 billion dollars. According to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, this amount is between 2,5 and 3 billion dollars when unrecorded revenues are included. Therefore, patients coming from abroad for treatment purposes prefer both to have dental treatment Turkey and to have a holiday. In this context, dental clinic Antalya option is among the frequently preferred ones.

  • Cheaper Travel to Turkey

Turkey has an economic tourism sector that is developing day by day. In this context, travelling to Turkey is cheaper than travelling to countries such as Italy, Hungary and Spain. A tourist’s needs such as eating, drinking, transport and accommodation are lower in Turkey. For this reason, patients from abroad usually have both holiday and dental treatment in Turkey. In this context, the most preferred cities are holiday regions such as Antalya, Muğla, İstanbul, Marmaris and İzmir. Dental clinic Antalya and dental treatment Antalya are at the top of the preferences.

  • Low Clinical Operational Costs

General procedures, including dentist fees and laboratory costs, are lower in Turkey compared to countries such as the US and the UK. According to some studies, dental clinic Turkey are more than 55 per cent lower than in the United States and Western Europe. As a result, these lower costs are passed on to patients. Thus, patients coming to Turkey from abroad for dental treatment in Turkey dental treatment in Antalya do not pay as high fees as in many other countries.

  • No Inflated Third Party Fees

In addition to dental clinic Turkey and dental clinic Antalya operating costs, dentist and laboratory fees are more favourable compared to different countries. In this context, Turkish dentists do not charge high fees as in different countries. Therefore, even the best Turkish dentists are low cost. Thus, patients coming from abroad can save a significant amount of cost.

Why get dental treatment in Turkey?

Among the first reasons for choosing Turkey for dental needs is the high quality of the procedures available. The number of dental clinic Turkey with trained dentists and equipped with advanced technologies is quite high. Another reason is the vast experience of Turkish dentists. There are dentists in Turkey who have been trained in the most prestigious schools in the world and have years of experience in treating patients from all countries. Dentists are required to have at least five years of education in the relevant field. In later processes, they can receive training to specialise in prosthetics and orthodontics.

In addition, the Ministry of Health regulates the training and licensing of dentists throughout Turkey. The Turkish Dental Association, on the other hand, supervises dentists’ further education and dental practice. In this context, a dentist candidate must be a member of the Turkish Dental Association in order to work professionally after graduation. This means that the quality of dental treatment Antalya and dental treatment Turkey procedures must meet a certain standard in hygiene and safety frameworks. Therefore, patients coming to Turkey for dental treatment from abroad can get dental clinic Antalya and dental clinic Turkey services with peace of mind.



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